Sunday, June 14, 2015


Paris witnessed another huge gathering of Iranians yesterday June
13. It's estimated that more than 100,000 people gathered in pairs and called for regime change in Iran. The keynote speaker was Mrs. Maryam Rajavi the president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran. Her slogan We can and We must is a popular verse that she used in the 80s to give hope and belief to the female members of the Mojahedin-e Khalgh in order to realize their own potential. This slogan is now used widely among the resistance and their supporters. Mrs Rajavi in her speech called on US and UN to keep their promise to the Iranian residents of Camp Liberty in Iraq and return their personal weapons for own protection. She blamed the western appeasers who are preventing the Iranian regime's fall. She said you're mistaking if you think there is no solution to the Atomic Iran. The people and their resistance are the solution. She also said if you don't want a mullah armed with nuclear bomb, end the appeasement, don't bargain Iranian's human Rights and recognize the Iranians and their resistance for freedom. She also irritated the main solution to the Syrian, Iraqi, Yemeni crisis is the eviction of the Iranian regime.
In the Paris gathering, dignitaries from Canada Mrs. Kim Campbell
former Canadian prime minister Nancy Pelosi the Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives and former Speaker of the US House of Representatives, US law makers, Dr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras former Spanish Member of the European parliament and chair of In search of Justice, Mr. Straun Stevenson, Arab league, Yemen, Syrian
coalition, from India, Tajikistan, etc all  acknowledged that Iranian
regime is the problem not a part of the solution. Mrs. Rajavi thinks that there is a solution for ending the Iranian regime's ‎nuclear weapons program and that is; regime change by the Iranian people and Resistance. 
This gathering was broadcasted in 4 different satellite networks, as
well as the Iranian national TV in exile. It was also relaid by Washington Times on its website. The entire members of Albania Radio/TV Orchestra performed a few songs in cooperation with Iranian composer and conductor Maestro Mohammad Shams. Other singers like Mrs. Gissoo Shakeri also performed yesterday. Ms. Linda Chavez, former White House ‎Director of Public Liaison, was the first speaker ‎in the grand gathering of Iranian resistance in ‎Paris. She was the director of the panel.

Shahriar City Hall demolition agents and police attacked the neighborhood of Dervishes in Shahriar city, suburb of the capital Tehran on Thursday, June 11, in order to bring down the newly built senior citizens’ nursing home belonged to the Dervishes community.
The demolition team started to throw out the senior citizens’ luggage’s and belongings battering anybody who would object to this brutality. They brock the windows as they were faced by stiff resistance from the tenants.
The governorate in Shahriar had previously sent demolition teams to this area harassing and threatening them and taking pictures and film of the area.
This was the second building belonging to the Dervishes that is destroyed by the City Hall within last month. These agents always attack such neighborhoods under the cover of renovation.
Last month, another Dervishes center in Tehran was raided and finally closed down. Reports from Tehran indicates that hundreds of Dervishes are planning to go to Tehran to protest.

According to reliable Iranian resistance sources from inside Iran, at least 11 people were hanged at dawn on Monday in the city of Bandar-Abbas, southern Iran, alone. The sources recording and keeping track of human rights violations in Iran say among them were 3 women and 8 men. The family of two of these victims told activists that they were called for the last visit with their loved ones before the hanging and after the execution was carried out, the lifeless bodies of their loved ones were released to them for burial.
Some unconfirmed reports put the number of hanged women up to 6 persons.