Monday, June 22, 2015

Three Political prisoners identified as Saeed Masouri, Afshin Ba’imani and Jafar Eghdami were transferred to the intelligence ward known as the Revolutionary Guards ward on Wednesday June 10. The political prisoners in this ward are held in solitary confinement, interrogated and placed under physical and psychological tortures.

Last Monday another prisoner named Mansour Arvand who had life in prison, was executed suddenly. These kinds of actions by the Iranian regime is to spread fear in society and silence protests.

According to Iranian resistance June 18, the Iranian regime's authorities hanged at least 32 prisoners on the verge of Ramadan in various prisons.
Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, stated in the  June 13 rally in Paris that: For violation of human rights in Iran, the nuclear impasse, the crisis in the region, and to confront ISIS, the solution lies in the overthrow of the Caliph of reaction and terrorism in Iran. She referred to the escalating uprisings and protests of the Iranian people and said: The velayat-e faqih - absolute power- has reached the end of its line and the Iranian people demand a major change.

A theosophy activist from the Erfan Halqe theosophy group, has been sentenced to one year in jail and 74 lashes.
It is worth noting that Ms. Zia had prior to this been convicted to one year in jail back in 2006. The charge raised against her was for taking part in a peaceful rally held on June 12, 2006 protesting discriminating laws against women.

The Iranian regime has been preventing women, even reporters, from entering Tehran’s Azadi Stadium to watch or even report on a volleyball match between the US and Iran. The regime went as far as stationing cavalry and anti-riot units, all with new oppressive gears and equipment lining up near the stadium.
Women in Tehran have announced from two weeks they will be present in this stadium for these games. In response, Khamenei’s club-wielders known as the “Ansar” issued a statement threatening they will not allow women into the stadium.
The International Volleyball Federation is against gender segregation in sports stadiums and announced if women are banned from entering volleyball stadiums in Iran this country will be deprived of hosting the top games in the World Volleyball League, reports indicate.
However, the regime’s volleyball federation officially announced Thursday no tickets will be sold to women.
The 12,000 seat stadium has been decreased to 6,250 seats, according to security officials.
The regime’s volleyball federation has also prevented women camera crews belonging to the Agency France Press to attend the stadium and report the games. The mullahs’ regime even prevented the presence of the deputy of Women’s Volleyball Federation into the stadium.