Sunday, October 09, 2016


The Canadian Friends for a Democratic Iran called for an international criminal investigation of the events of 1988 during a press conference in the House of Commons, Parliament Hill, on Thursday Oct. 6 in Ottawa.
in a press conference at the Parliament Hill in Ottawa, a group of MPs from different parties such as Michael Cooper, Candice Bergen, James Bezan along with Hon. David Kilgrour and members of the Iran Democratic Association-2 of them who have lost their brothers during 1988 Massacre- urged the Liberal government to stop efforts to re-engage with the Iranian regime and emphasized that human rights must the base of any relations with the Iranian regime.  The conference called for justice for the 30,000 Massacred political prisoners in 1988 in Iran. The Media Express, one of many medias that covered this story, on Oct. 07 reported: Shahram Golestaneh, spokesman for the Iran Democratic Association provided new details about dozens of officials involved in the massacre and some secret mass graves where they were buried.
He added: “According to information compiled by the National Council of Resistance of Iran ( NCRI ) from sources inside Iran, most of the institutions of the Iranian regime are run by the perpetrators of the 1988 massacre. In recent weeks, about 60 of the most senior officials responsible for this massacre, whose names had remained secret for nearly three decades have been identified. These individuals were members of the “Death Commissions” in Tehran and 10 other Iranian provinces.” The story was picked up by Canadian medias such as: Hufington Post, Global News, Toronto Star, Freedom Star, Winnipeg free press, Herald lethbridge, I Politics, meadow lake Now, Medicine Hat news, Daily Herald, surghar daily, The daily Courier, the star, Times Colonist, Yahoo Canada, follow news, info news, Lates Today news, Canada standard, Ontario news, and Maritimes.
Simultaneously tens of Iranian-Canadians gathered in front of the Parliament Hill and across from
Prime Minister's office. A petition supported by a member of Parliament Peter Kent, was read during the protest. The freedom of Saeed Malek poor an Iranian-Canadian in Iranian jail is one of the clause of the petition. It also called on the Liberal government to "Make human rights the bench mark from which to consider re-establishment of diplomatic relations with Iran".  

Park-e Laleh Mothers, a group of women who have lost their children mostly during the 2009 uprising, issued a statement demanding justice for their slain children. The Iranian Resistance's President-elect Maryam Rajavi issued a call on August 2, 2016, inviting all Iranians at home and abroad to join a movement to demand justice for the victims of the 1988 massacre by formation of an international tribunal to prosecute officials of the clerical regime engaged in the massacre as part of the national movement for Iran's freedom.
The call has extensively welcomed by families who have been sending in photographs of their loved ones, information on their burial as well as on the method of their executions. Various individuals and groups of Iranians also have issued statements demanding justice for their loved ones who have been slained by the clerical regime in its horrendous crimes against humanity.

France 24 reported on Oct. 6 that under the Global Pressure and the call by the International Movement for Justice for 1988 Massacre Victims, some 150 members of the Iranian regime Majles deputies signed a bill to significantly reduce the number of people the Islamic Republic executes on drug trafficking charges, while the measure is already facing stiff opposition.
Iran continues to be among the countries that execute the highest number of their own citizens. During Hassan Rouhani's tenure more than 2700 people have been executed including women and young offenders.

On Wed. Oct 5, the repressive police officers attacked a peaceful sit-in by the Samen alHojaj share holders who had demanded their money back. At least one woman was injured.  Samen alHojaj is one the predatory institutions in Iran

The Women's Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran strongly condemned awarding the Women's World Chess Championship to Iran

In a statement issued on October 3, the NCRI Women's Committee underlined Rouhani's record of suppression of women's rights and pointed out that
Awarding Women's World Chess Championship to a regime that takes advantage of gender apartheid to suppress the entire society and has a shameful, bloody record in violation of women's rights is tantamount to endorsing and accepting the suppression of Iranian women, particularly that in addition to the Iranian chess players, the fundamentalist rulers of Iran force female players from other countries to wear the hijab, as well.
The NCRI Women's Committee urged all female players to boycott the games in protest to the
suppression of Iranian women and imposing the compulsory veil, as some of the world's top champions of chess have already done so. 2 female chess player Nazí Paikidze and Carla Heredia have already boycotted the championship in Iran which has the support of Chess coach Nigel Short and the Russian Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov.

Security officials of Tehran's Nations Hall (Farhangsaray-e Melal) prevented performance of a traditional Iranian music group called, Gozar, because of numerous female musicians.
The group was going to play a number of its musical pieces on the international day honoring great Iranian mystic poet, Mowlana better known as Rumi.
The Gozar musical group issued a statement vowing to continue its activities despite obstacles created by the government.
In another curious development concurrent with the mourning Muslim month of Moharram, the statue in the Mother Square of Rasht, capital of the northern Iranian Province of Gilan, was covered with a black veil, provoking vast public resentment. The women committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran which reported this news added: The measure was a reminder of the covering of statues in a Rome museum during Hassan Rouhani's visit to Italy last January.

United Nations Special Rapporteur Ahmed Shaheed called on the Iranian regime for the immediate and unconditional release of a British-Iranian national sentenced to five-years in prison for charges unknown to her, and two elderly dual nationals who are suffering from serious health conditions that require urgent and adequate medical attention.
Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was arrested on 3 April 2016 along with her 22 months old daughter. Zaghari-Ratcliffe was tried, on secret charges, in a Tehran revolutionary court and, on 6 September, she was convicted and sentenced to five years’ imprisonment. She was only able to meet her lawyer three days before the beginning of her trial. The UN human rights experts also expressed concerns about the health of two other dual nationals, Mr. Baquer Namazi 80 years old Iranian-American and Mr. Kamal Foroughi,  77 year old British-Iranian who are currently incarcerated in Evin prison.