Sunday, October 23, 2016


The memorial ceremony for Reyhaneh Jabbari was raided on Thursday, October 20, and her mother, Shole Pakravan, was arrested but later released. Reyhaneh Jabbari, 26, was executed on October 24, 2014, after 7.5 years of imprisonment for defending herself against rape by Morteza Sarbandi Iranian regime's Intelligence Ministry official.

 On Oct. 20 the students and supporters of prisoner of conscience Mohammad Ali Taheri staged a protest against his continued detention despite completion of his prison sentence.
The protestors most of them women demanded Mr. Taheri's immediate release.
On October 19, a similar protest rally was held outside the Baghiyatollah Hospital in Tehran. Plainclothes agents frisked and questioned anyone who intended to enter the hospital.

 New restrictions are going to be imposed on female students of Ahwaz's Jondi-Shapour School of Medical Sciences in a bid to overcome women's defiance of the compulsory dress code imposed by the Iranian regime.
Farhad Hamzeh-louii, said there are going to be bi-weekly meetings on Hijab where relevant officials will be discussing new measures and the musts and must-not's.
The Council of Promoting Virtue, tasked with clamping down on female students, will also be actively involved in this plan. (The state-run ISNA news agency – October 21, 2016) Ahwaz is the capital of the oil-rich, southwestern Province of Khuzistan.

 An imprisoned woman Sedighe Jaafarzadeh, 64 who was on death row lost her life on Oct. 21st due to heart attack in the women's ward of the Central Prison of Orumiyeh.

 Iranian regime's Secretary of the fashion working group formally announced that all forms of fashion and modelling activities are going to be banned in Iran.
Hamid Ghobadi told State run news agency Fars: "We have revoked the modelling bylaws and such activities are no longer going to be allowed in the country."
(The state-run Baztab website – October 21, 2016)

Amnesty International issued a statement on Oct. 19 on the situation of Kurdish prisoner Zeinab Jalalian who is denied badly needed medical treatment and the risk of losing her eyesight in prison. AI wrote on Oct. 19 that: "The authorities have refused to give her access to an eye specialist and to authorize her transfer to a hospital for urgently needed eye surgery and have only given her eye drops. The have also refused her repeated requests for medical leave. According to her lawyer, some of her requests have been rejected outright while others have been accepted on condition that she makes videotaped 'confessions'. On one occasion, she says prison authorities told her that she had to have a virginity test before they would allow her to receive medical treatment."
Amnesty International pointed out, "Withholding medical treatment resulting in severe pain or suffering in order to force a 'confession' amounts to torture under international law."