Sunday, October 30, 2016


Ten's of Thousands of people on Friday Oct. 28, started gathering from Thursday night in Pasargad to commemorate the birth date of Cyrus the Great, the ruler of Iran in 591 BC. Cyrus the Great is known for spreading justice and freedom. Tomb of Cyrus is located in Pasargad 120 Km north of Shiraz, center of Fars Province. Fars is a province in southwest Iran known for its rich Iranian culture and history. The people were chanting "Freedom of thought impossible with beards referring to mullahs ruling Iran., leave Syria, think of us, Iran is our country, Cyrus is our Father, Mullah's regime only oppression, only war".

A group of preschool teachers from various cities in the northern province of Mazandaran gathered outside the Governor's Office on Thursday,
October 27, demanding to receive their salaries and enjoy their rights.

On Oct. 27, on the fifth day of protest, women and prisoner rights advocates stood outside Tehran's Baghiyatollah Hospital.
The protesters demanded freedom of prisoner of conscience Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri. Security forces raided the gathering and made arrests. Since the very first hours, they took pictures and film from the gathering. Special Guards forces intervened and a motorcyclist unit attacked the demonstrators, including a majority of women, with clubs, batons and pepper spray. A number of participants had to be taken to medical centers.
Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri is the founder of cosmic mysticism or "Erfan-e Halgheh". He was arrested in May 2011 and sentenced to five years imprisonment, 74 lashes and 900 million toumans fine. The Iranian regime's judiciary has refused to release Mr. Taheri after serving his sentence and has extended his prison term on new charges. Mr. Taheri has started his sixteenth hunger strike since September 28.

 The lifeless body of a Kurdish student young woman name Parisa Ershadfar, was found on campus in Orumiyeh University (northwestern Iran) on Sunday, October 23.
The university's management issued a statement that the death of Parisa, third year student of electrical engineering and electronics, was due to consumption of poisonous drugs.
Parisa's friends, however, say her death is not related to drug consumption or suicide. Orumiyeh University students are outraged by the death of their classmate and have called her death suspicious.

 According to International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, October 28, the families of two British-Iranian dual citizens who have been imprisoned in Iran without due process have delivered petitions to the British government urging it to seek their loved ones’ immediate release.
The petitions were delivered on October 24, with a letter co-signed by 117 Members of Parliament (MPs) and members of the House of Lords calling for the release of the 37-year-old new mother Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, and other British-Iranians currently held in Iran.
Zaghari-Ratcliffe, a London-based project manager for the charitable arm of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, was arrested at the Khomeini Airport with her 22 month old daughter, Gabriella, on April 3, 2016 as she was trying to leave the country following a visit with her parents. She was sentenced to 5 years in prison on unspecified security charges in September 2016. Her husband, Richard Ratcliffe, has led an impassioned campaign for her release and as of October 2016 a petition for her release on the Change website which has more than 800,000 signatures so far.
Several other dual nationals have been arrested in Iran in the past two years including Iranian-Canadian Homa Hoodfar, and Iranian-American Robin (Reza) Shahini. With the exception of the Canadian citizen Hoodfar, who was released in October 2016, all are still being held in Iran without due process.
International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran added that "the Judiciary’s ongoing imprisonment of dual nationals contradicts the government of Hassan Rouhani ’s repeated calls for expatriates to return to Iran".