Sunday, June 24, 2018


Radio Irava was informed Sat. June 23rd that its colleague Atefeh the host/producer of Radio Chakavak in Sweden has passed away. Radio Irava sends it's condolences to her family and friends and her listeners at Radio Chakavak.

According to the Iranian resistance, as protests are increasing in numbers across Iran, new reports indicate they have returned to the capital, Tehran, in a significant scale. In addition to voicing a variety of demands, numerous protest reports on Monday showed people also voicing their support for the upcoming Iranian opposition convention scheduled for June 30th in Paris-France. The shoemakers in Tehran's Sepahsalar Garden held a major rally where their daily demands quickly turned political with a focus shifting on the Iranian regime’s authorities and their entire apparatus.
An increasing number of videos are arriving from inside Iran where people hide their faces and hold up placards supporting the upcoming Iranian resistance gathering in Paris.
As the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) writes, “To bring the efforts of Iranians to fruition, NCRI will be hosting a huge rally, which some refer to as the “galaxy of all uprisings”, on June 30th in Paris. This rally will demonstrate to the world the common goal of all Iranians and will also serve as a reminder that that the only effective way to address the current problems is to overthrow the regime and support its replacement with a viable Democratic Alternative.”
Iranians outside Iran are also in support of the grand gathering of
the NCRI on June 30th as such yesterday June 23rd in Ottawa the Iranian-Canadians gathered in front of the Parliament Hill and across from Prime Minister's office as they do every week and showcased their support for Paris gathering. They also called for the freedom of all political prisoners in Iran, specially Ramin Hossein Panahi who awaits his execution.

According to reports published on June 22, Mahnaz Amouri remains in detention for helping her niece, Ma’edeh Shabani-Nejad, as judiciary officials refuse to release her. Mahnaz, 36 married with an 8 year old son, is held in Sepidar Prison of Ahwaz, capital of southwestern Khuzistan Province.
She shares the same case with her niece, Ma'edeh Shabani-Nejad, and was arrested along with her by the Intelligence Department of Abadan on January 25. Abadan is the second largest city of Khuzistan where the country’s largest oil refinery is located.
Ma'edeh Shabani-Nejad (Amouri) is a high school freshman at Reyhaneh Girls' High. She is an exemplary student in Abadan and writes patriotic and epical poems in Arabic and has been active in social media. For this reason, she was arrested on January 25, along with a number of her relatives, including her aunt, and transferred to Sepidar Prison. Ma’edeh Shabani-Nejad was first arrested and taken under interrogation on October 17, 2017, but was later released on bail.

Hunger strike of Sufi women in protest to their ill-treatment by prison guards in Qarchak prison of Varamin which began on June 11 passed the tenth day.
The names of those on hunger strike are: Shokoufeh Yadollahi, Elham Ahmadi, Sepideh Moradi, Nazilla Noori, Maryam Farsiabi, and Massoumeh Barakouhi.
Sedigheh Khalili, the mother of Sepideh Moradi, explained about the hunger strike of Sufi women in protest to their ill-treatment in Qarchak Prison. She said, "On June 11, when these women were outside, one of the prison guards closed the door and made them stay for three days and nights in a narrow dark corridor between the ward and the courtyard. On the same day, the women started their hunger strike. Three days later, on Wednesday, June 13, prison guards allowed them back into the ward, but shortly afterwards, 4-5 dangerous prisoners were incited by the guards to attack the sufi women. That is when the they started shouting Ya-Ali. Then the Special Guards raided the ward and female agents started beating them with batons and shockers."
The participants in the hunger strike and five other sufi women have been imprisoned in Qarchak Prison since February 20, under inhuman conditions.
According to judiciary and SSF(State Security Forces) officials as well as sources of Gonabadi Dervishes, more than 300 Gonabadi dervishes were arrested and imprisoned during the crackdown on the sufis' peaceful protest. Some 150 of them have so far received heavy and light sentences.


Iranian women continue to actively participate in protests of various sectors of Iranian society. In Abadan, the second largest capital of the oil-rich Khuzistan Province, southwestern Iran, a group of residents held a protest on Wednesday, June 20, across from the Department of Water and Waste Water in the city.  The protesters demanded healthy drinking water, while the portable water they are provided in Abadan is salty and smells. Nevertheless, people have to pay for the rotten water.
The students of Tehran University's School of Social Sciences continued their protest on June 21st for the fifth consecutive day against illegal and heavy sentences issued for students of this university. They threatened to boycott the term's final exams if their demands are not met. They demand immediate and unconditional repealing of the students' illegal and heavy sentences and granting them the right to continue their education.
On Tuesday, June 19, a group of residents of Tehran who have been plundered by the fraudulent Caspian Institute staged a protest march around Argentine Square  and chanted slogans against officials who lie about having reimbursed their money.
On the same day, in Iranshahr, southeastern Iran, a group of women gathered outside the Governor's Office in this city and protested against gang rape of 41 young women and girls, demanding the arrest and punishment of the culprits.

Nearly 3 months after the last message from political prisoner Arzhang Davoudi there is no information about his whereabouts. His family has been threatened and remains under pressure. It is only known that Davoudi is under pressure and torture, and currently held in the quarantined section of Zahedan Central Prison in southeast Iran.
Based on the latest reports published back in March, Davoudi was on hunger strike from March 3rd and said: “My hunger strike aims to be provided fresh air time and some sunshine, which I have been inhumanely deprived of since July 26th in Zabol and Zahedan prisons.”
Davoudi is currently suffering from diabetes, high cholesterol and heart illness.
In his last message Davoudi explained how he is losing his vision and being deprived of even the most basic necessities.
“I am being held in a small dungeon supposedly known as cell number two in the prison quarantine section. I am deprived of any visits, telephone calls, connection with other prisoners, fresh air time, walks, reading books, watching TV, being able to purchase medicine, adequate food considering my illnesses and …”
No news from this political prisoner raises concerns about his health.
Last year, prior to the Iranian opposition’s annual convention in Paris, Davoudi sent out a message in supporting the event.
 “I wouldn’t be exaggerating to say currently the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) is the oldest and most organized entity of the imminent alternative directing the nationwide struggle aiming to establish freedom from the evil of a mafia established by [Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali] Khamenei and his partners. The PMOI/MEK’s presence has now become an undeniable necessity. The large participation of freedom loving people in such events continues to be heartwarming for resilient prisoners that continue to yearn their country’s freedom while inside the regime’s medieval dungeons, day and night…”
More voices from across the globe are expressing their support for the June 30th Iranian opposition convention in Paris.