Monday, July 02, 2018


On Saturday, June 30, the Iranian Resistance’s grand gathering was
held in Paris, France. Tens of thousands of Iranians from all over the world including Iran, participated in National Council of Resistance of Iran, grand gathering. Delegations from various countries including prominent politicians, members of parliaments, mayors, elected representatives, and international experts on Iran, attended the event. The speakers declared their support for the Iranian people’s uprising and the democratic alternative, NCRI the National Council of Resistance of Iran. They called on the international community to adopt a firm policy against the Iranian regime's tyranny and stand by the arisen people of Iran. Mrs. Maryam Rajvai the keynote speaker said during her speech: Hail to my fellow compatriots in Khorramshahr who are thirsting for water and for freedom. You, who explicitly told the mullahs that their prayers are not acceptable to God. I have come here on behalf of a Resistance movement which has offered its entire existence to ensure the victory of the Iran uprising, and for Iran’s freedom, pride, and magnificence. I have come here to declare what you want: The overthrow of this regime is inevitable. Victory is certain and Iran will be free. She said: Since the January uprising, the signs of change in Iran and the regime’s overthrow have appeared. The prospects for the victory of Iran’s democratic revolution, devoid of the mullahs and the Shah are looming. Through their uprisings and by relying on resistance units, the Iranian people have the leverage they need to topple this regime.
Delegations from Canada included Hon. Stephan Harper Canada's former Prime Minister and Hon. John Baird former foreign minister, Hon. Ms Judy Sgro, liberal member of the parliament, Hon. David Kilgour, Raymond Folco former MP, and Candice Bergen to name a few. Stephen Harper emphasized on Canada's support for the Iranian people in overthrowing the regime. When he said that Canada shut the Iranian regime's embassy in Ottawa and told them to get out, the audience went crazy with cheers chanting of Thank you Canada!
33 Prominent American dignitaries, members of the US delegation who took part in Saturday’s
Iranian opposition convention in Paris, issued a statement a head of the convention, expressing their solidarity with the ongoing Iranian people’s uprising and supporting the alternative to the Iranian regime, being the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and the ten-point plan presented by NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi. Their statement in part states:  “… we are united in bipartisan solidarity, speaking with one voice and reflecting our common American values and principles as we join the call for liberty, justice and an end to repression for the people of Iran. As our Delegation prepares for this annual rally in France, we extend our appreciation for President Macrons’ statesmanship in seeking a coordinated position on Iran among the European Union countries and the United States, and particularly his emphasis on human rights issues in Iran. “For too long the world has turned its back on the Tehran’s regime’s brutal denial of the Iranian people’s basic rights. We stand with Iran’s citizens in calling for legitimate, accountable and honest government serves the people. “Our delegation is going to Paris this year to support the NCRI, firmly believing that the current regime is vulnerable to the popular movement seeking an end to tyranny and corruption. The NCRI and its principal constituent, the MEK, have long embraced democratic values. The resistance movement has demonstrated its widespread roots with Iranian society, its resilience in the face of unimaginably difficult circumstances, its impressive organizational prowess, and its ability to expose secrets that Tehran is determined to keep from the Iranian people and the world at large. This organization has spent years preparing for a calm and genuinely democratic transition to the elected representatives of the Iranian people – whoever the people may choose in the fullest exercise of their long-deferred freedom.
US Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee sent a message to the #FreeIran2018 syaing: I am very sorry that I can not be present with you at this very important stage, but I want to express my commitment and support to a secular, democratic, non-nuclear, and Republican Iran, and from the 10 point plan of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi.

The Globe and Mail confirmed that Hon. Irwin Cotler began acting as international legal counsel for Maryam Mombeini’s family about month ago. The news of Mr. Cotler’s involvement in the high-profile consular case comes days after Ms. Mombeini’s home in the Iranian capital of Tehran was raided by a powerful branch of the country’s military that arrested her husband prior to his death in the notorious Evin prison in February. Kavous Seyed-Emami was an Iranian-Canadian university professor and a prominent environmentalist. Seyed-Emami ran the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation and was a sociology professor.

On Sat the people of Khorramshahr in Iran's Khuzestan province staged a demonstration for the second day in protest to water shortages and salty waters in their city. They chanted anti-state slogans such as Down with Rouhani. The regime agents shut tear gas on people. The people of Abadan in the same province also protested the water shortage and quality of their water on Sat. According to video online the Iranian regime is re-routing the water pipes which were supposed to provide water to people of khuzestan, to Iraq instead.

Two women hunger strikers, Shokoufeh Yadollahi and Dr. Nazilla Noori's health are in danger after 10 days of hunger strike in Qarchak Prison of Varamin. On Monday, June 25, it was reported that Shokoufeh is suffering from severe GI infection, dizziness, heavy weight loss and low blood pressure. Her cellmate, Dr. Noori, has also become extremely weak, lost a lot of weight and suffers from a very low blood pressure. The two women are among 11 Gonabadi women dervishes who have been imprisoned in Qarchak Prison since February 20, when they were arrested in a bloody crackdown on the peaceful protest of Gonabadi Dervishes in Tehran. It is estimated that at least 300 dervishes were arrested on that night.

Drop outs by female students has exceeded 151,000 in this academic year. Referring to the data on the drop out of girl students in schools across the country, Abbas Soltanian deputy for mid-level education in the Ministry of Education noted, "This academic year, from October 2017 until June 2018, there have been 151,046 girl students who did not register in any schools, their names were not registered anywhere, and were not considered students at all." He listed a number of reasons for the drop out of girl students. He said forced marriages at an early age, lack of schools, transportation, and female teachers for rural girl students coupled with their parent's refusal to let them continue their education, are among the reasons that lead to the drop out of girl students. At the same time, poverty and unsuitable conditions of families are among the reasons that cause and lead to drop out of girl students from school.
In response to question on the proportion of drop of girl students in comparison to boys, Soltanian said, "A total of 4.23 per cent of students dropped out of school in the previous academic year. Girl students constituted 4.17 per cent of it, meaning that there is a big difference between girls and boys' drop outs."