Sunday, July 08, 2018


People in the city of Borazjan in southern Iran poured into the streets on Saturday, protesting the recent severe water shortage crisis. Borazjani citizens chanted: "Our enemy is right here, they lie & say its America According to reports from this city, people haven't had running water for the past four days. The familiar demonstration quickly turned political when people started chanting, “Death to the Dictator,” referring to the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and Let go of Syria, think of us. People forced the Friday prayer Imam who is Khamenei's representative out of the city. The people of Borazjan threatened with revolt if their demands are not met. The Iranian regime is deeply concerned about such protests escalating out of control and turning into another scene similar to Khorramshahr of last week. Less than a week a go people of Khorramshahr were on the streets demanding drinkable water. Iranian regime opened fired and killed, injured and arrested tens of protesters.

Reuters on Friday cited officials from the Dutch Intelligence
service, AIVD that  the Netherlands is expelling two members of the Iranian embassy staff. "We can confirm that the Netherlands has expelled two persons accredited to the Iranian embassy," according to a spokesperson of the Dutch intelligence. "We will not provide any further information."
“This report was issued merely a few hours after the Joint JCPOA Commission finalized its meeting in Vienna,” according to the Iranian regime’s Tasnim news agency, affiliated directly to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Quds Force.
It remains unclear if there is any affiliation between these two Iranian embassy staffers in the Netherlands with the recent arrests of six Iranians in Europe, including a regime diplomat, on charges of attempting to bomb the annual rally held by the Iranian opposition People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), according to EuroNews.
A Belgian couple of Iranian origin were arrested on June 30th by Belgian authorities on suspicion of attempting to bomb this rally in Villepinte near Paris. Furthermore, an Iranian diplomat working in Austria was arrested in Germany on the same charges, alongside three other individuals facing similar charges who were apprehended by French police. Investigations on these six individuals continues. This year former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke at the rally along side a delegation from Canada. Other dignitaries included Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani from US. Political and human rights figures attended the rally from all over the world.

On July 6, the Iranian regime's Ministry of Intelligence and security MOIS arrested more than 60 people at Babak Fort a monument of ancient Persian history. The fort is located in the mountains near the city of Kalibar in Eastern Azerbaijan, northwest of Iran. It is the stronghold of Babak Khurramdin, an Iranian legend who fought against the foreign invasion of the country. Every year, Iranians gather at the fort to commemorate and celebrate the legacy and memory of Khurramdin. This is a tradition that has gained popularity in the past decades, and many tourists attend the ceremony every year.

Sepideh Farhan (Farahabadi) a graduate of architecture and a civil activist who was arrested by security forces during the uprising in late December and January was sentenced to six years in prison and 74 lashes. She was released from Evin Prison on a bail bond of 250 million toumans, on February 17. More than 500 young women and girls, including dozens of female students, were arrested and detained in cities across Iran.

A woman was hanged in the Central Prison of Orumieh on Wed July 4th along with two other male prisoners. The identity of the executed woman has not been made available, yet. With this execution, the number of women executed during Hassan Rouhani’s presidency amounts to 83.