Sunday, September 02, 2018


Iranian women participated in more protests in recent days, along with crowds of demonstrators filling the streets of Sanandaj, Karaj and Zabol. In Sanandaj, people protested on August 31, against the IRGC's shooting and killing of Iranian porters. Women participated in this protest in significant numbers. Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps is a branch of Iran's Armed Forces founded on April 22, 1979 by the order of Khomeini. The IRGC’s recognized terrorist Quds Force specializes in foreign missions, providing training, funding and weapons to extremist groups, in the Middle East and around the world.

On Tuesday, August 28, a large number of women defrauded by the Caspian financial institute held a protest in front of Iran’s capital Tehran's Banking and Monetary Court. The women engaging in the protest had gathered according to a previous call and chanted: "Caspian stole our money and the regime supported them."

According to Iranian resistance’ Women Committee, 2 young women, Niloufar Homafar, 20, and Yasamin Ariani, 23, were arrested on Vali-e Asr Avenue in downtown Tehran-Iran as they were out in the street to demand their basic human rights in step with a new wave of protests that was sweeping cities across the country. Yasamin Ariani was reportedly helping an elderly woman who had been thrown to the ground when hit by security forces. The young women boldly posted a message via a mobile phone from inside a State Security Force van as they were being transferred to jail. An Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps general admitted earlier this month that 28 per cent of those arrested in the anti-regime protests were young women and girls.

Iranian women continued their protests in Tehran and Karaj in recent days. Iranian women plundered by fraudulent financial institutes, nurses and hospital staff, as well as retirees have been among the participants in various protests on August 26. In other related news, on August 27, retirees gathered in a protest in front of the regime’s Presidential Office in Tehran and demanded that their situation be handled and their pensions be paid by government officials. Iranian women have participated in at least 320 protests from March to July 2018. The average number of women’s monthly participation in protests this year has doubled compared to last year according to NCRI’s women committee.

According to Kenyan news outlet Daily Nation Aug. 28, the Iranian regime is bribing Kenyan authorities to free two of its terrorists affiliated with the notorious Quds Force. The Quds Force is a recognized terrorist organization that handles operations of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) outside of Iran. The story of Ahmad Abdolfathi Mohammad and Sayed Mansour Mousavi, two Iranian nationals currently under arrest in Kenya, goes back to June 2012. But as their case is reviewed by the Kenyan Supreme Court, the highest body of the Kenyan judiciary, a new report by the Interpol adds a new twist to the whole.
According to Interpol’s report, Iranian operatives are actively trying to compromise key government employees and the legal system to release Ahmad Abolfathi and Sayed Mansour Mousavi from Kenyan custody.
According to an affidavit by police sergeant Erick Opagal, when Ahmad and Sayed Mansour arrived in Nairobi on June 12, 2013, they traveled to Mombasa without delay to acquire RDX explosives. The two were arrested in June 2013 when they returned to Nairobi while their accomplice stayed at large. The Kenyan government is afraid that the Iranian regime and its affiliates will help these two terrorists to escape from prison. According to Kenyan media, a group of terrorists have been smuggled in to East Africa to free the two terrorists. After intelligence reports about the escape plan surfaced, the Kenyan government set its law enforcement forces on full alert. Kenyan security forces have already obtained recorded tapes of Iranian nationals that reveal Iranian plans for the escape operation. The Interpol report states that the Quds Force’s officers operate covertly to spread Iran’s influence far and wide, and they have been responsible for numerous terrorist attacks and attempted attacks globally.