Sunday, November 03, 2019


A young Iraqi woman, Noor Marwan, studying in the Medical School of Baghdad, was killed during protests in Baghdad when tear gas canisters hit her in the head on Monday, October 28, 2019.
Hundreds of thousands took to the streets of Iraq this week in the second wave of protests against the government of Adel Abdul Mahdi and deep-seated government corruption. While as an OPEC member, Iraq is one of the world’s largest oil exporters, many Iraqis live in poverty and are deprived of clean water, electricity and basic medical services.
The protests and uprising in Iraq started on October 1, over unemployment and poor living conditions, but swiftly escalated into anti-government protests calling for regime change. They also are calling for the Iranian regime to stop meddling in their country. As the people of Lebanon, Iraqis are under pressure buy the Iranian regime's agents in the government.

On Thursday, October 24, the Moral Security Police arrested 50 people during a raid on a party held somewhere near Mashhad-Iran, announced the general director of the Department of Justice of Khorasan Razavi, Qolam-Ali Sadeqi.
Sadeqi said, “Female police agents arrested 23 women attending the party.” They were arrested on the pretext of being improperly dressed.
The Moral Security Police sealed off the location and impounded 24 vehicles belonging to the participants in the party, towing them away to a public parking lot. (The state-run ROKNA news agency – October 26, 2019)


In an interview with the official IRNA state-run news agency, the director of Weight-lifting Federation, Ali Moradi, admitted that female weight-lifters who have not won any medals in Asian and global competitions have not received any salaries.
Moradi admitted, “Unfortunately, women have not been paid any amount, in the hosting section of the Iranian Olympiad and other competitions. Considering that female weight-lifting is a new sport (in Iran), women (in this field) have not received any salaries, yet; because none of them has won championship.” (The official IRNA news agency – October 29, 2019)
In another report, Jaleh Kardan, member of women’s national disc throwing team, said that men earn three times greater than women in this field. Pointing to discriminations against female athletes, Kardan explained, “Such inequality and discriminations must be blamed on sport clubs and it is the federation’s duty to tackle these problems. Young women who are doing well should earn the same amount as men. Female athletes have no other choice than to succumb to these conditions, because there are no clubs to sponsor them for participating in different competitions.” (The official IRNA news agency- October 29, 2019)
Discrimination against female athletes in payment of salaries is the main problem of female athletes in some fields.
Nastaran Moghimi a female futsal player said, “Lack of live television broadcasts of women’s competitions results in lack of sponsors who finance the teams, and this has a huge impact on the inequality of salaries.” (The official IRNA news agency- October 27, 2019)
The head coach of SAIPA women’s futsal team, Niloufar Ardalan, in an interview said, “The lack of financial sponsors and broadcasting has made a huge difference in the wages of male and female players in most sports.” (The official IRNA news agency- October 26, 2019)
“Male futsal players earn five times greater than women futsal players,” said Nastaran Moghimi one of the members of the national team. An Indoor soccer game is called Footsal.