Monday, February 10, 2014


The Iranian resistance said in a statement Feb. 8 that on Wednesday, February 5, the clerical regime secretly and collectively hanged 15 Baluchi political prisoners in the prison of Chahbahar. Khossrow Barahoui, a local from Loutak in Zabol, two brothers from Rigi tribe, two brothers from Mir tribe, and a merchant by the name of Afzal Rigi are among those who have been hanged.
According to the reports published, also on the previous day, seven prisoners were secretly buried in nameless graves in a desolate place at the Zahedan cemetery.
At dawn of February 6, two prisoners Parviz Ashna from Bandar Abbas and Farhad Soltani from Kermanshah were executed in the central prison of Bandar Abbas. The execution of a 29 year old in Zahedan prison on February 1st was yet another execution that was registered last week.

Canada's Foreign affairs Minister, John Baird issued a statement on Feb. 4 and said:Canada is deeply troubled by reports of a drastic surge in executions in Iran. At least 50 executions have been reported in the first month of 2014 alone. Last year, Iran executed more than 600 people.
“We will judge Iran by its actions, not just by its words. At this rate, Iran is on track, once again, to have one of the highest rates of execution in the world.
“Despite the electoral promises made by President Hassan Rouhani to improve people’s lives, Iranians continue to live in fear of arbitrary imprisonment, torture and execution by the clerical regime.
John Baird added: “Canada deplores Iran’s continued disregard for due process and human rights violations against its people. The Iranian people deserve the dignity, respect and freedom that they have been denied for too long.”

After record breaking amount of snow in Northern part of Iran, people are without electricity, Gas and bread. The death of several people have been linked to the Unprecedented amount of snow where in some areas fell as much as 2 and half meters. Rural roads in the snow stricken areas are cut off and just in Gaemshahr there is no news about 113 villages hit by the snowfall. Similarly, in Gilan,
one-hundred villages are cut off.
The roofs of many houses and public facilities have collapsed because they are substandard and with the roads closed and people trapped in their homes, there is no news about the fate of these people. Hossein Mir Shafi, Deputy Minister of Roads and Transportation, said that we are not prepared to take care of rural roads even in light snowfalls; the problem is lack of budget. This is when the Iranian regime has spent billions of dollars for its nuclear and missile programs.

 Iraqi armed tribes stage massive attacks against Maliki’s forces
Al Jazeera TV cited Iraqi sources reported in early Friday morning hours that armed tribes staged a heavy attack against a military base in the Sachar region north of Fallujah in Iraq, killing and wounding numerous Maliki military troops.
The armed tribes took control over all of this base and military machinery, weapons and ammunition were all taken. A number of the soldiers of this base surrendered s to the armed tribal forces. Maliki the Iraqi prime minister has been suppressing the Sunni population for sometimes now and answered their peaceful demonstrations with tanks and machine guns.

US diplomats walk out of Tunisia ceremony after Iran insults
US diplomats on Friday walked out of the ceremony to celebrate Tunisia's new constitution after Iranian regime's representative made 'false accusations' about Washington undermining the Arab Spring uprisings, the embassy said.
In his address to the National Constituent Assembly (NCA), Iranian regime's parliamentary speaker Ali Larijani accused arch foes the
United States and Israel of seeking to thwart the pro-democracy uprisings that swept the region in 2011.
US representatives present at the NCA departed the ceremony due to the false accusations and inappropriate comments made by the Iranian representative present regarding the United States.'
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Maghreb Affairs and
Egypt, William Roebuck, was Washington's top representative at the ceremony, which was also attended by African and Arab leaders, as well as French President Francois Hollande.

US warns Iran sanctions violators
The United States once again warned those violating sanctions imposed on the Iranian regime. “We've made it very clear, not just to Iraq but to any country in the global community, as a matter of policy, engaging with Iran's energy sector runs risks, including violating and running afoul of U.S. and international sanctions,” US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.
“We have cautioned and been clear about with countries around the world, including
Iraq,” she added.